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About MeI am a multidisciplinary Digital Artist experienced in motion design, print, web and UI design plus animation too.

What can I say I love to create.


ReelThe latest and greatest pieces of work


Boost Mobile WalletFive videos showcasing key app features


The Second Bottle MethodWhen no other option is available


AchillesGreek myths never looked so good


AxessFind what you need at Stanford University


Racing Le MansPatrick Dempsey's journey to Le Mans

E-MailBecause who wants to wait for snail mail.

Blood, Sweat & SmilesThe best in under a minute.

The reel below is a comprehensive collection of work for which I have been very fortunate to contribute my efforts. I have collaborated on a wide range of projects spanning the commercial, broadcast television and product marketing fields.

Boost Mobile WalletFive videos showcasing key app features

I was approached by WipIt, Inc to create five promotional videos highlighting key features of the Boost Mobile Wallet app.

Working closely with the company's Creative Director Nate Lu, we crafted a narrative introduction, which would communicate the purpose of each feature while providing viewers with visual step-by-step instructions.

Creative Director: Nate Lu
Art Director: Tony Van Groningen
Storyboard Artists: Kian Ansari, Alex Manson
Animation: Raul Velazquez
Voiceover: Kabir Singh

Boost Mobile Wallet: Quick Check

Boost Mobile Wallet: Money Transfer

Boost Mobile Wallet: Top-Up

Boost Mobile Wallet: Bill Pay

Boost Mobile Wallet: Direct Deposit

The Second Bottle MethodWhen no other option is available

The Second Bottle Method started from a chance meeting at an AIGA event. As I chatted with the talented Paul Dimalanta, we decided to collaborate in the future.

A couple of months later, we set out to create a commerical-like spot that demonstrated how to open a bottle of beer when you don't have a bottle opener handy.

Director: Paul Dimalanta
Cinematography: Jasper Granderath
Creative Director: Raul Velazquez

AchillesGreek myths never looked so good.

Achilles is a passion project designed to strengthen my Cinema 4D skill set. I learned a great deal through the creative and technical process of crafting this piece.

AxessStanford University's information system

Commissioned by Stanford University, I created a promotional video to inform students and faculty that the university's new information gateway Axess was coming soon.

Art Director: Kathryn Kenworth
Animation and Editing: Raul Velazquez
Producer: Regina Connell

Racing Le MansPatrick Dempsey's journey to Le Mans

One of my first projects after moving to Los Angeles from New York was with the team at Planet Grande. Having been recommeded by Christian Santangelo, Planet Grande brought me onboard to generate motion graphics, which would meet their tight deadlines.

I worked closely with producers John Watkin and Eamon Harrington in creating a futuristic map illustrating to the audience the journey that lay ahead for Patrick Dempsey and his team at Le Mans. I also provided quick compositing solutions for troubled or obstructed shots and lower third bug removal.

Pictures Director: John Watkin
Producer: Veronica Brady
Executive Producer: Patrick Dempsey
Executive Producer: Melissa Eichoff
Co-Producer: Jason Garrett
Executive Producer: Eamon Harrington
Executive Producer: Jim Hancock
Executive Producer: John Watkin